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S$ 45.90

Delight little aspiring bakers with this beautifully handmade wooden set!

Let creativity and imagination come to life as your child rolls dough, pipes frosting and bake delicious festive cookies. Each cookie base and frosting comes with a magnetic closure for added fun and interactivity!

Cookies Bake set features (13pcs): 

1 child-size glove, 

1 apron, 

6 2-piece cookies (cookie base & frosting), 

1 wooden tray, 

1 hand-sewn piping bag, 

1 mixing spatula, 

1 rolling pin

1 cotton drawstring bag for easy storage

Specially designed and delicately handmade by local artisans in Indonesia using natural pine wood, each piece is carefully buffed into rounded edges then coated with non-toxic kids-safe paint and therefore safe for little ones.