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Lille Vilde


S$ 23.80

Meal time have never been so fun with these number mats to keep your little one longer on their seats. Think play dough, numbers counting, conversation starter for pre-schoolers and the list goes on.

The creative surface is the perfect solution for many hours of creative play at the table. It has a really good size and can hold colouring books, modeling wax and whatever else the heart desires in a toddler. Older children also enjoy the mat as a writing pad.

Cleaning the surface is no problem. Both markers, paint, mica and its equal are easily wiped off with a wet cloth. The mat even handles a trip in the oven as a baking mat if the creative play includes baking.

The food-grade silicone mat has a small edge that holds on to beads, and the mat also stays where it needs to be due to the natural friction from the silicone.

Dimension: 54cm x 45cm (larger in size than most place mats)

Made with food-grade silicone, tested under European and American standards.

Designed in Denmark

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