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Mother Knows Best Curated


S$ 20.90

Taste-safe crayons made in Baltimore, Maryland from natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly soy and bee waxes. 

Designed and created by two sisters who seek to inspire creativity in every child.

Comes in variety fun shapes and sizes to inspire creativity, fine motor development and imagination in all artists of all sizes. Natural waxes make for softer, blendable crayons, more like pastel.

Happy colouring! ️

  • Each set includes one red, one orange, one yellow, one green, one blue and one purple crayon.
  • Non-toxic, contains no paraffin wax.
  • Each ladybug measures 2" x1.5" (due to small size not recommended for children under 3)
  • Crayons are packaged in a recyclable cardboard tube 6” high by 2.5” in diameter.

Available designs: Bunny, Cars, Ladybug, Triangle, Fish, Leaves