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Kiko+ & GG*


S$ 57.60

Do you now that Kiko+ phone is a fun way of introducing an item of the past to children of the present. Would you like to make a call to the pizzeria? To a friend? or to a unicorn? Insert the play coins included into the slot, turn the dial and let your imagination come to life! We believe that every child should get unlimited calls. The plus point is that you will always get your change back at the end! (to make more calls, of course)

Little ones will have fun learning the cause and effect of inserting and retrieving the coins by hanging up the phone. This toy is a sure winner in both the ‘fun’ and ‘aesthetics’ department!


1 Telephone

1 Coin Purse

5 Coins 

Dimensions: 20.1cm x 17cm x 14cm 

Weight: 1kg

Made with beech wood, cotton (coin purse)

Designed in Japan

pretend play wooden toy Telephone