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S$ 67.07

The most beautiful doll stroller you've ever seen!

Discover the Konges Sløjd cane stroller. We love its realism with its foldable design and its harness to hold the baby in place.

  • Designed with a harness, carriage bag and double wheels on all four legs for extra stability.
  • Features removable fabric made in 100 percent organic cotton.
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Easy to fold and store.
  • The frame is made of iron with soft and spongy EVA material at the handles.
  • Measurements: height 56 cm, width 27 cm and depth 46 cm.

Note: This product is a toy and should only be used with dolls. Never use with babies, children or pets.

This folding stroller will be the perfect birthday gift for kids who like to play grown-ups with imitation games.

Designed in Denmark