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Harkening back to the dark ages of 2008 - before the Zero-waste movement was really a thing - “The Sling Sisters” Sandra O’Malley and Lori Hawkins (who are actually sisters) started sewing baby slings that were prized by their community. They had babies, their friends had babies, so it made sense. Their guiding principle was simply to produce a sling that was safe, convenient for young families and that didn’t fall apart after a year of use. When their kids grew older their products evolved too. Baby slings were off the roster and reusable snack bags were added.

But these aren’t your average snack bag.

They chose specialized zippers that have been tested and certified to be safe and easy for little and big fingers alike. They handpick quality fabric in fashionable prints and stitched them together so precisely that every bag will last years of use and washing. And these bags are tested and certified ensuring they meet both FDA and Health Canada standards for food safety. Did we mention they last for years?

In 2014 the Sling Sisters Inc. was re-branded as Colibri Canada. Their determined focus on quality had also made them a forerunner in the Zero-waste movement. Through happy circumstances and a commitment to manufacturing the best product they can, Colibri has been helping to define the landscape of reusable, household products ever since.

Today, the company is still focused on safety and durability. Sandra O’Malley is at the helm surrounded by a team that is treated like family, and are as passionate and dedicated as she is. The product line has expanded and so has their vision. They aren’t simply manufacturing long-lasting reusable products, they’re providing household solutions that foster healthy environments and strong communities. And it’s still done through good old fashioned, hard work.

In a word, Colibri Canada is, well, awesome!