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S$ 46.75

This cute food container set is perfect for storing various types of food, whether it be leftovers, meal prepped dishes, or snacks. The containers come in four different sizes, making it easy to portion out your food and take just the right amount with you on the go.


The boxes are made of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET), which is a sustainable material that helps reduce waste and environmental impact. The lids are made of polyethylene (PE), a durable and safe material for food storage.

Comes in a set of 4 different sizes. 


H: 4.35cm x W: 8.95 cm x L: 8.95 cm/200 ML,

H: 5.4 cm x W: 10.7 cm x L: 10.7 cm/400ml,

H: 6.5 cm x W: 13 cm x L: 13 cm/750ml,

H: 7.7 cm x W: 15.3 cm x L: 15.3 cm/1200 ml


Tested and complies with the EU regulations regarding food contact 10/2011 and 1935/2004.


Designed in Denmark