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Gabby Dawnay


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Inspired by the hugely bestselling 5-Minutes Stories collections, these 10 read-aloud stories invite young nature loves to celebrate the everyday miracles in a woodland.


Down by the meadow that blows wild and free,

There’s a world full of wonders I want you to see…


Written in engaging rhyming text, each real-life tale in this 10-story collection introduces one of nature’s wonders. And at the end of each story, children are invited to explore an informative “All About” page to discover more facts about the topic.

-The Mystery of a Mushroom

-The Woodwide Web

-The Song of the Deer

-The Flight of the Blackbirds

-The Magical Metamorphosis of Frogs

-The Hidden Great Horned Owl

-The Stag Beetle’s Seven-Year Feast

-The Dance of the Honeybee

-The Little Rabbit and the Green Machine

-The Moth and the Moon


These make perfect bedtime stories for kids with curious minds!