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The sweet wooden Balancing Sea makes a fun and interactive family activity - simply take turns to stack and balance the pieces on the whale!

Challenge your little one's problem-solving and fine motor skills by offering specific pieces to pile on and balance themselves, then watch them attempt different arrangements and orientations of each piece to make it work! 

Handmade with solid pine wood, this simple yet engaging toy builds creativity, patience and concentration through play. The assortment of marine animals enables other ways of play including counting, identifying animals, sensorial exploration and more. Each set comes with a cotton drawstring bag for easy storage and portability, and is wonderful for both indoor and outdoor play (brilliant for keeping little ones occupied while waiting for meals at restaurants too!).

Wooden Balancing Sea features (set of 14pcs):
1 whale, 

1 crab, 

1 seahorse

1 penguin

1 octopus

1 dolphin, 

2 starfish, 

2 fishes, 

1 turtle, 

1 sea anemone

1 seal

1 linen drawstring bag for easy storage  

Specially designed and delicately handmade by local artisans in Indonesia using solid pine wood, each piece is carefully buffed into rounded edges then coated with non-toxic kids-safe paint and therefore safe for little ones.  

balancing toy wooden balancing toy sea animals