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Mikhee Manufactory


S$ 11.00

Talk about a noisy bird. Cockatoos are the loudest of all parrots. They screech and even scream to communicate with each other. These Cockatoos live a long time – from 50 to 80 years. Do you know Cockatoos can break hard nuts open with their beaks? These birds are very smart, but if they get bored, they sometimes destroy things. 

Each animal is painted with colours that are as light/natural as possible with intricate details to give character to each toy. 

Maintenance: Clean these toys with a slightly damp cloth. Do not wash them so that the water-based paint will not fade or wash out. The colour and wood texture may slightly differ from the pictures.

  • Handcrafted in Smolensk, Russia
  • Made from solid Ash wood
  • Coloured with water-based paint mixed with food-grade flaxseed

4.5cm х 5cm