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Mother Knows Best


S$ 78.00

It has been created to promote expression and connect into little one’s feelings and thoughts.

These 16 puzzles are centered by the sun with the strong word “I AM” and surrounded by a range of emotions and thoughts engraved on one side and pattern and symbols on the other.

It has been designed for all ages and all spectrums to express and share how they are feeling and acknowledging what is going on for us that day and allow us to communicate with others on a deeper and more empathetic level.

I am trusting, I am protected. I am angry, I am scared, I am happy…

Check into children’s thoughts and feelings and with the other pieces that do not resonate, simply flip them over and use the symbols as patterns.

Made from Australian hardwood and finished with natural mineral oils.

All the packaging is plastic free and each cardboard box is gifted with a seed card to say thank you and to give back to Earth.

Suitable for 3+

Designed in Australia

Early Learning Emotions Expressing