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Olli Ella


S$ 152.15

A different kind of convertible, one that goes from being a pram / buggy / stroller to a trolley with just a flip of a lid.

Strolley is a revolutionary design in imaginative play. This hand-woven rattan basket on wheels switches from a pram to a shopping trolley, by just lowering the hood of the pram.

Perfect for dolls, pretend play, fruits and veggies or for your little one to push around their favourite toys. Designed to accommodate growing children, making it perfect for kiddos aged 4 to 8 years old. Comes with removable handle, coated with water-based paint. Recommended weight limit 10KG

Dimensions: height of the strolley is 45cm, height of the strolley with handle is 60cm, width of the basket is 27cm, width of basket including wheels is 34cm and length is 60cm.

Weight 3KG