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T-rex, Brontosaurus, Velociraptor, Triceratops, which one is your favourite? Reveal all dinosaurs step by step by connecting the dots in this fun activity Scrollino. Use the pencil included to connect the dots and try to guess the names of all dinosaurs! Best entertainment for long car trips for the little ones or while waiting for dinner to be serve! 

Suitable for age 6 and above. 


Material: Organic, 100% Compostable


Length: 1.6 yards / 1.5 meters


Contains: 1 pencil


How it works


1. Pull on the tab


Scrollino consists of a unique rewinding mechanism (The Scroller), a Scrollino box and a paper roll to unwind at your own pace. To open the Scrollino simply pull on the tab (Paper Lip) to reveal the activities. The Paper Lip not only protects the paper roll, it also serves to prevent the paper from disappearing once you rewind your Scrollino.


2. Discover the Scrollino


By pulling down the paper lip little by little you will reveal a new dot game every time. Connect the dots with the pencil every time to complete each game and guess what kind of dinosaurs you have just discovered. Wish to start over, simply erase your drawings and connect the dots again. When you are happy with your drawings, you can also color them.


3. Rewind with a pencil


Wish to pack it up? Insert the pencil in the Scroller and turn clockwise to rewind. Each Scrollino comes with a wooden pencil to help you rewind the paper. Then, you can either keep your drawings safe in the upper part of the box that you can easily open.