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Mother Knows Best


S$ 45.00

Perfect for Separation Anxiety. Made from blue gum and spotted gum. Super soft to the touch and perfect for spatial and hand-eye co-ordination and sensory play thanks to different textures and surfaces built into the design.

This wonderful support tool for separation anxiety provides a great way to ensure the person or your child suffering from anxiety has a key to their family love with them.

Made from Australian hardwood and contains a seed paper so you can give back to the Earth. Comes boxed.

How does it work?

The heart separates into two parts. The main piece of the heart is the ‘charging station’ where it holds all the love of the family so that the center piece or the ‘key’ can be taken with them to feel loved, safe and connected even when apart from mummy and daddy. The main piece has a soft rubbing circle to rub and touch to send love and fill the heart up with love again.

Suitable for 3+

Soothing Heart Separation Anxiety