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Ever dream of having your own tree house? 

Give the little one a fun place to let their imagination run wild with this classic wooden Tree House! The wooden Tree House features a three-level design, an adorable swing and complete with a door that can be opened and closed to create a fun play piece that also works wonderfully as a display. 

Complement with any small world play family character pegs!

Perfect as a gift for little children, this classic wooden Tree House will have them smiling for hours on end.

Tree House

Height: 23cm

Width: 20cm

Comes with 1 linen bag for easy storage

*Wooden peg dolls in pic are meant for only display 

Specially designed and delicately handmade by local artisans in Indonesia using sustainably sourced wood, each piece is carefully buffed into rounded edges then coated with non-toxic kids-safe paint and therefore safe for little ones.  

wooden toy wooden tree house tree house